Biology Expected Questions for CHSE Final Exam – 2022

Long Questions:-

  1. Describe the basis of classification and general characters of algae.
  2. Describe the external and internal structure of the human heart.
  3. Describe the mechanism of urine formation.
  4. Describe the general character of the Bryophyta plant.
  5. Enumerate five important characters of the phylum, Arthropoda.
  6. Describe five system classifications.
  7. Describe the stages of the cell cycle.
  8. Briefly describe the hierarchy of classification with taxonomic category.
  9. Describe the structure of the cell wall.
  10. Explain the fluid-mosaic model of the plasma membrane with suitable diagrams.
  11. Describe the structure and function of a chloroplast.
  12. Briefly the structure of the kidney.
  13. Describe the structure and function of chromosomes and nucleus.
  14. Describe the mechanism of breathing and its regulation in humans.
  15. Describe the transport of respiratory gases in the blood of humans.

Differentiate between:-

  1. Red algae and Brown algae
  2. Bryophytes and Pteridophytes
  3. Monocots and Dicots
  4. Algae and Fungi
  5. Haplontic and Diplontic
  6. Chloroplast and Mitochondria
  7. Cilia and Flagella
  8. Respiration and Breathing
  9. Protozoa and Porifera
  10. Anaerobic respiration and Aerobic respiration
  11. Cutaneous respiration & Pulmonary respiration
  12. Inspiration & Expiration
  13. Cortical nephron and Juxtamedullary nephron.
  14. Chordata & Non-chordata
  15. RBC & WBC

Short notes:-

  1. What is Herbarium?
  2. What is the cell cycle?
  3. What is a cardiac cycle?
  4. What is the Haplontic life cycle?
  5. What is the Diplontic life cycle?
  6. Explain the working of the heart?
  7. What is Binomial nomenclature?
  8. Explain the Cell wall?
  9. Explain Porifera
  10. Explain protozoa
  11. Explain Ribosome?
  12. Explain ER?
  13. Explain the Golgi complex?
  14. Explain Lysosome?
  15. Explain Whittaker classification
  16. Explain two system classification
  17. Explain the hemoglobin dissociation curve.
  18. What is metamerism?
  19. What is an archaeocyte? What is its function?
  20. Describe blood
  21. Explain blood group
  22. What is retrogressive metamorphosis?
  23. Explain the Canal system in Porifera
  24. Explain the water vascular system.
  25. Explain Annelida.

All other one mark and fill in the blanks follow your reference book questions.

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