Molecular Basis of Inheritance – XII


Our comprehensive eBook contains:-

  • Short Answers (One Mark)
  • Short Answers (Two Marks)
  • Short Answers (Three Marks)
  • Long Answers (Five Marks)
  • Explore specific aspects of the molecular basis of inheritance in greater detail.
  • Deeper into topics such as molecular mechanisms of DNA repair, epigenetic modifications, and their role in gene regulation
  • Easy to score full marks in your exam


Welcome to our comprehensive eBook chapter on the “Molecular Basis of Inheritance,” meticulously designed for Class XII students. This resource delves deep into the intricate world of molecular genetics, exploring the mechanisms underlying inheritance and gene expression. Here’s what you can expect:

Short Answers (One Mark):

  • Quick and concise responses covering essential terminology and basic concepts in molecular genetics.
  • Perfect for rapid assessments and reinforcing fundamental knowledge.
  • Topics include: DNA replication enzymes, genetic code, gene expression regulation, types of RNA, and genetic disorders.

Short Answers (Two Marks):

  • Succinct explanations to delve deeper into key molecular mechanisms and processes.
  • Ideal for reinforcing core ideas and testing understanding of fundamental genetic concepts.
  • Topics include: semi-conservative DNA replication, transcription and translation processes, types of mutations and their effects, gene regulation mechanisms, and genetic engineering techniques.

Short Answers (Three Marks):

  • In-depth exploration of specific topics within molecular genetics, requiring a comprehensive understanding.
  • Allows students to demonstrate a deeper grasp of complex genetic phenomena and their implications.
  • Topics include: molecular mechanisms of DNA repair, epigenetic modifications and their role in gene regulation, molecular basis of genetic recombination, molecular techniques in genetic engineering, and applications of gene editing technologies like CRISPR-Cas9.

Long Answers (Five Marks):

  • Comprehensive responses requiring detailed explanations and critical analysis of complex molecular genetic processes.
  • Encourages students to showcase their depth of understanding and ability to synthesize information.
  • Topics include: mechanisms of DNA replication in prokaryotes and eukaryotes, regulation of gene expression in developmental processes, role of non-coding RNAs in gene regulation, molecular basis of cancer development and treatment strategies, and ethical considerations in genetic research and biotechnology.

With a blend of short and long-answer formats, our “Molecular Basis of Inheritance” eBook chapter for Class XII provides a versatile study resource to help students excel in their examinations and develop a profound understanding of molecular genetics. Dive into the fascinating world of DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis, and uncover the secrets of the molecular basis of inheritance.


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